Do you run your own business? Do you manage a business for someone else? Either way, you probably feel pushed and pulled in many directions at the same time. You know your role is twofold … to both grow and to manage the business, but maintaining a strong focus on growing your business revenue is the most important because it’s the incoming dollars that mean the difference between just surviving and prospering.

For many business people, managing the company’s finances can be a big drain on them because finance and administration doesn’t come naturally to most hard-driving business managers. Professionals and tradespeople are specially mentioned because they need to focus on what they’re good at, not what they’re bad at and don’t really like doing! The time you spend on administration is often an inordinate drain on your time and it can leave you feeling that you’re under-performing because all the effort you put into managing the finances is pulling you away from the far more important revenue growth. Gone are the days when doing your books on the kitchen table late at night were acceptable. Todays’ stringent reporting requirements call for a higher level of conformity and bookkeeping skills, we like to call it bookkeeping wizardry!

It’s important for people who make a living from their knowledge, and/or using their hands, recognise that you are the most valuable human resources your business has. Don’t waste yourself trying to do a mediocre job of your books …. call Merlin Bookkeeping and let us perform our bookkeeping wizardry and manage all (or part) of your company’s financial administration, including accounts receivable and account payable, payroll processing and Single Touch Payroll reporting (now mandatory!), organising your banking and doing monthly bank reconciliations and reporting to you an how the business is performing.

Merlin is a wizard at taking this responsibility off your shoulders. We are an established Brisbane bookkeeping service who know that our task is to give you great support at the back end, leaving you to shine at the front end and grow your revenue and customer base. It’s win-win. We can even assist you in other aspects of running and growing your business, such as business planning and marketing communications.

Focus on what you’re best at and free yourself to drive your business harder with Merlin Bookkeeping supporting you behind the scenes. It’s not magic, it’s common sense and smarter management of your time for your business’s prosperity.

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