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He understands my business

Bill has been managing our bookkeeping and accounts administration since September 2016. During that time our business has doubled but our accounts, payroll, doctor fee payments and debtor management have always run smoothly. Bill has a thorough understanding of our business and we allow him to get on with all the bookkeeping duties whilst we get on with our patient care and focus on practicing medicine.

Dr Philip Manfield, Rosalie Milton Clinic


I thought my business might be too small for Merlin

My small business is pretty much just me, so I was worried that it would be too small to justify a bookkeeping service. Over the past 3 years Bill at Merlin has proven me wrong by taking on all the bookkeeping and other general accounts tasks. This has given me peace of mind, but more importantly, it has freed me to do what I’m good at …. chasing new customers!

Darin Ross, General Manager, Nebula Print